Pengkang As A Traditional Food From West Borneo


        Pengkang is a Malay traditional food from West Borneo. Pengkang is typical food made from glutinous rice that baked with a stuffing of shrimps formed triangel and wrapped in banana leaves. Pengkang more delicious if we eat it with sauce. There are two sauce : spicy sauce and kepah sauce but the taste of sauce not too spicy there are sweet taste. The main ingredients kepah sauce is kind of shells that live near on the beach.  
        Pengkang actually not much different from lemper. Way to cook pengkang is unique, two pengkang clamped using bamboo, then baked in the embers of a fire. Pengakang more delicious because of the aroma of banana leaves that pervasive which wrap pengkang.


Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati


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