Lempok Durian


        Durian is a special fruit from West Borneo, growing naturally in natural forest of West Borneo, when in season you could try to eat durian, a tropical exotic fruit from Indonesia and known as a king of fruits. If you feel bored to eat durian fruit. Maybe you can try durian dodoo from Pontianak or the local population call it “Lempok Durian”. From the name, we know the main ingredient is durian fruit. The process of lempok durian same like dodoo but lempok durian didn’t mix with sticky rice and not really soft like dodoo. Lempok durian already as a hand gift from pontianak.
        Lempok durian extremely popular, especially simply by those who love to feed on durian berries. Material due to the price tag on durians sold in current market lempok can not inexpensive. When compared to the Dodol from Garut, lempok be costlier since the Lempok material will be authentic durian and sweetener.


Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati



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