Cap Go Meh Carnival


        Cap Go Meh is the most important festival in Singkawang, this festival recently become one of international event, the festival held to celebrate Chinese New Year and held between January or February depending on Chinese calender. Every times when the festival held, the entire of city will look very festive, entire city will be covered by red color, lampions, banner, Cap Go Meh garnish and another ornament all in red combined with a little yellow. For days before the peak or festival all citizens involved in welcoming this important celebration, no matter what ethnic lines are.

        Cap Go Meh carnival comes from Chinese tradition, this is mainly is a thanksgiving festival, grew from agricultural culture to celebrate the peak of harvest session, closing the old year and welcoming the new year. Cap Go Meh is the peak of Imlek, Imlek as a thanksgiving held 15 days nonstop and closed by a great ceremony named Cap Go Meh. Lampion party is one of the event that you must see, lampion party is only a part of Imlek festival.


Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati


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