Bubur Gunting As A Special Food From Singkawang


        Singkawang has many types of vegetarian restaurants, bistros and coffee shops. Usually vegetarian restaurants serve Indonesian food menu, where as bistros may serve different sorts of dishes depending on the type of food itself, such as Chinese Food, Malay Food, etc. Traditional food vendors can also be found still selling food in a simple way using barrows such as “Bubur Gunting”.
        Bubur gunting is one of typical special culinary from Singkawang. It made from fried bread (cakwe) that is cut short and shaped dice. Then given thick sauce that has sweet taste from pea and strach. Eat while still hot. A matter of taste..? Hmm.. it taste is unique, because there are sweet taste and little salty flavor


Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati



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