Nyobeng is a ritual activity of Dayak Bidayuh in Bengkayang has been done hereditarily as a traditional ceremony that is Hliniau traditional ceremony of blessing prosperity, peace, tranquility and many else .The culture of this traditional ceremony is only intended for men while for women is called ‘Nambok’. Both types of this indigenous culture is traditional ceremonies of Baluk and rice.
In doing this blessing is also followed by bathing the skull that an inheritance of their ancestors who had to guard and respect.The psikhis purpose of bathing the skull is people get the blessing and strength because skull that bathed is the result of headhunting (cutting head while doing battle) that occurred at the time of the ancestors.The skull is a skull of an enemy that was the leader or warlord at that time.This event is a picture of soul that owned by Dayak Bidayuh to respect or appreciate the inheritance of their ancestors although the skull is a skull of enemy.

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