Naik Dango

Naik Dango is a traditional ceremony to express gratitude to the god or Jubata for blessing that is given,that is a lot of rice yields. Not only that, the ceremony that is usually done by Dayak Kanayatn people,Landak District, Pontianak District, until Sanggau District, West Borneo are held regularly every year.
Naik Dango ceremony has four main activities. The first is ‘Batutuk’ or activitiy of pounding rice in a mortar to get rice, rice flour (sunguh) or glutinous rice (poe ‘) for the preparation of the ritual of eating together or offerings.Then followed by ‘Matik’ or make a prayer to convey the purpose and intention toJubata that giving blessing for the implementation of Naik Dango.In this ceremony is also presented custom devices namely Tumpi sunguh (white bowsprit), Solekng Poe’(the segment of bamboo that contain glutinous rice ), until Sirih Masak(betel leaf, areca nut that already eaten and rolls cigarettes from palm leaves) .NaikDango has a core of ceremony namely’ Nyangahathn’ or recite prayers and mantras by ‘Panyangahatn’ (traditional leader) to arouse the spirit of the rice, giving thanks to God for the grace that is given that is rice yields until ask forgiveness of sin and mistakes and asking to be given welfare in the next years.

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