Antar Ajung

Antar Ajung is the culture of coastal people in Sambas especially for malay when they want to plant rice.It’s usually done in the first of Jumdil or in June.Usually at that month the rainy season begins to come.Another aim is to bring together the growing season. The ritual of Antar Ajung is indeterminate time,the Implementation is based on the agreement of traditional elders. ‘Antar Ajung’ has a meaning ‘send Ajung’. ‘Ajung’ is derived from the word ‘Jung’,it’s the name for the ship with two main sails.The shape looks like a sailing ship of Shanghai in Hong Kong films. The people are difficult to pronounce the word ‘Jung’,so to make the pronouncation easier,they add letter A.Since long time ago, the people of Sambas were already familiar with the ship because Sambas was an international port, once.
Then, what is the purpose of Antar Ajung for Sambas people?
“With the implementation of Antar Ajung,we are protected from the distress,” said Aziz Auli (68) from Pipitteja, Paloh, Sambas.The people hope,with Antar Ajung they are kept away from many kinds of evil spirits, planthoppers and mice.Because of that, evil spirits must be ‘tied’ and brought by Ajung to the sea.They believe that the rice yields will be better because of the implementation of Antar Ajung.

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