Pisang Sale As A Traditional Snack From Kubu Raya


        Pisang sale as a traditional snack from Kubu Raya especially in Batu Ampar. It tastes is delicious and sweet, make pisang sale favored by many people. Although the food is only made from banana, but a lot of the food lovers that likes pisang sale. Making pisang sale is not too difficult. Pisang sale made from ripe bananas and then roasted in the smoke, such as grilling satay. Pisang sale is roasting about 15 minutes, do not overcook, if it too burnt will change the flavor of pisang sale. It is often used as a hand gift by travelers that come to Batu Ampar.
        Important characteritics that determine the quality of pisang sale is the color, taste, smell, elasticity, and resistance shelf. Characteristics are influenced by processing, packaging, and storage products.
        There are three (3) ways of making banana sale:
– The traditional way of using wood smoke;
– Fumigation with sulfur;
– Wet method using sodium bisulfite.


Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati      



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