Singkawang not only famous for its cultural diversity, but also rich in traditional foods.One of the famous food is ‘Tahu Singkawang’. if Sumedang (West Java) is famous for Tahu Sumedang,Singkawang City is also famous for its special food namely Tahu Singkawang.It is often used as a hand gift by travelers that come to Singkawang.
Flavor and aroma of Tahu Singkawang has its own characteristics.This food that made from traditional inggredient feels soft and clean,different from another Tahu that the taste is usually little sour. The byproduct of the manufacture of Tahu Singkawang are Tahu porridge and Tahu water. the difference-making of Tahu Singkawang from another Tahu is located in process of immersion. The Tahu of Singkawang is soaked by using salt water, do not use vinegar water which can cause the Tahu turn into yellow.


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