Sungkui is a special food from Sanggau with simple shapes, oval,thin and elongated. However, behind the simplicity, this food is featured with a special aroma.Because of the uniqueness of that, the costumers are not only from the mediocre but it is also already subscribed to both the officials and entrepreneurs during festivals or other celebrations.
How to cook it is also very simple, after wrapped into Keririt leaves,tied it into 10-pack with the same leaves. After it is boiled for about four hours,whre every two hours must be inverted in order to cooked evenly,Sungkui rice can be served with side dishes such as serondeng or other choice; pineapple sauce, opportunistic chicken, curry and rendang. Surely there must be the most mandatory that serondeng.To be perfect,it should also be added with lemang and srikaya. Srikaya here is intended as a dessert.It can be made with eggs, sugar and coconut milk that steamed.For food lovers, this one should be tried.It is guaranteed hooked on your tongue.

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Posted by Nurmiati


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