Sotong Pangkong

One of the special food from Pontianak is ‘Sotong Pangkong’.The people of Pontianak call it Sotong Pangkong because before serving ,the squid is hit or called ‘Pangkong’in Pontianak. The food is made from the dried squid and burned using charcoal, after it is burned then the squid will be beaten by hammer,the goal is to make savory taste.Sotong Pangkong is much demand and it’s affordable.
Sotong Pangkong will taste delicious when eaten with chilli sauce and vinegar so that its taste is complete of sweet, salty, savory and spicy. Fans of dried squid or Sotong Pangkong are variety of small children, teenagers to adults. They always took time to taste it because Sotong Pangkong only can be found each month of Ramadan.


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Posted By Nurmiati


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