Robo-Robo celebration (sometimes spelled Robok-Robok) is a tradition of mempawah people indigenous that are not currently known by domestic tourists but also foreign tourists.This celebration is held every Wednesday(rabu) in the last week of Safar according to the calendar of Hijiriah, therefore called ‘Robo-Robo’. This ritual usually begins after midday prayers, and for the people of Mempawah, the month of Safar is considered as a “month of blessing” and it is always looked forward.
Robo-Robo celebration is a flashback of the arrival of Ompu Daeng Menambon arrival from the Kingdom of Matan to the Kingdom of Mempawah which supposedly using 40 Bidar boats. This celebration is important because the arrival Ompu Menambon Daeng became the forerunner of entry and the development of Islam in Mempawah City. The highlight of Islamization took place during a time of transition in the Kingdom of Mempawah that originally Hindus became islamic kingdom.

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