The Origins of Putussibau

Image       According to folklore that development in Putussibau the origin of names Putusibau comes from the combination the words “Putus” (cut) and “Sibau” (the name of the river that divides the Putusibau city). Sibau river given like that because the area on the both sides of the river that through Subau river there are many Sibau trees, the fruit like rambutan fruit. Besides Sibau river, Putusibau also fed Kapuas river that is the longest river in Indonesia. Kapuas River that passes Putusibau city has been cut off Sibau river so called Putussibau.

        According folklore the other version, that the names of Putusibau comes from the word “Sibau” is a type of three/wood that the fruits like rambutan fruit. The leaves can be used to coloring the mat. Formerly there was a sibau tree that grew on the edge of the river. The sibau tree fallen and blocking the flow of the rivers, and from the eventthe local people called it by the name “Putussibau.


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Written by : Win Endriati


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