Kerupuk Basah as A Special Food of Kapuas Hulu


        Kapuas Hulu has many kinds of food. Like one of them is Kerupuk Basah or you can called wet cracker or the local population call it “Temet/Temit”. It called Kerupuk Basah because after cooked it can be eaten, without dried or fried like crakers in general. Usually cracker or chips tend to dry but this food is wet. Why? It is because this food is putted into boil water. The taste is delicious, but not just taste is delicious Kerupuk Basah also contain a lot of protein because it is made from fish. Kerupuk Basah can be made from some type of fish such as: belidak, toman, gabus, baung.

        Kerupuk Basah is familiar not only in Kapuas Hulu regency but also in Indonesia. People from another area of Indonesia sell it, but the origins of Kerupuk Basah from Kapuas Hulu is more delicious. It is more delicious if you eat it with bean sauce.

The ingredients to make Kerupuk Basah:
• Meat of fish
• Flavor sago
• Garlic
• Some salt
• Some water

The ingredient to make sauce bean:
• Small chili
• Bean
• Salt
• Sugar
• Garlic
• Vinegar

Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati


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