Ale-Ale as A Special Food From Ketapang


        Ale-ale, it’s a unique name of special food from Ketapang. Ale-ale is a type of smooth-skinned shells that became a special food of Ketapang. It usually adding chili to make spicy souce. The type of smooth-skinned shells can be boiled, fried and stir-fry. Ale-ale can be served as family gathering and became a food gift from Ketapang.
Beside ale-ale is traditional food from Ketapang ale-ale is used as a symbol of Ketapang city. What are the ingredients to make ale-ale stir-fry?

The ingredients are:
• ale-ale
• garlic
• red onion
• chili
• turmeric
• lemongrass
• salt
• water, and
• oil

        How to make Ale-ale stir-fry?
The first step mash all spices and boiled ale-ale until the skinned shells were open. Then stir-fry ale-ale with the spices that have mashed.


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Written by : Win Endriati


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