Spicy Porridge as A Special Food from Sambas

Spicy porridge is one of special food from Sambas.This food is very familiar with Malays, especially in West Borneo.Spicy porridge is made from various ingredients and spices / seasonings to produce a unique taste and delicious.The main ingredients to make spicy porridge are fern,kasum leaves, turmeric leaves,singkil leaves and the spices/seasonings, to make it more delicious people usually put corn, anchovies, spinach, peanuts,toge,bamboo sprout and many else.Although the name is Spicy Porridge,but the taste is not as spicy as its name because the chili is separated like meat balls and soto.
According to the story,the origin of this food is begun from the King of Sambas was ill,but no body could cure his illness.Many physicians came to cure his illness but they were always failed. until one day, a poor man named ‘sambas’ came with a bowl of porridge that made from various kinds of vegetables named Spicy Porridge and asked the king to eat it.After he aet,his body immediately sweated and his illness be cured.If you visit Sambas,West Borneo,this food is very easy to find in typical malay food stalls.


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