History of Pontianak

        Pontianak is the capital city of West Borneo in Indonesia . The city is also known as( Pinyin : Kūndiān ) by Chinese in Pontianak . The city is known as the Equator city because it’s located on transversal zero degrees of the earth . In the north of the city , in Siantan , there is Equator monument that was built in the space tranversal zero degrees of the earth . In addition , the city of Pontianak also passed the Kapuas River , the longest river in Indonesia, and the Landak River . Kapuas River and Landak River which divides the city symbolized in the logo of the Pontianak city.
        Pontianak name derived from the Malay language was believed that have cojungtion with the story of Syarif Abdurrahman that was often plagued by ghost Kuntilanak when he fringed the Kapuas River . According to the story,Syarif Abdurrahman forced to open fire cannons to expel the ghosts while indicating where the cannon fall , then he built his empire there .Then he developed the area into a prosperous trading center , and Pontianak stand .The cannon ball crashed near the junction of Kapuas River and Landak River,which is now known as Kampung Beting.The history of the Pontianak city was written by a Dutch historian , VJ . Verth , in his book ‘Cambodgien Borneos Wester ‘, that the content is slightly different from the version of the story that is circulating in the society today.




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