History of Sanggau

Sanggau is a name of a district in West Borneo which is located not so far from the city of Pontianak . Before turning into the district, in Sanggau,there was a malay kingdom that had been there since the 4th century. The name of ” Sanggau ” came from the name of a plant that growed on the side of the river where the kingdom was built , namely Sekayam river . In the book ‘History of Customary Law and Customs of West Kalimantan’ written by JU Lontan,mentioned that the river of Sekayam was a place where the group that led by Dara Nante got off.Dara Nante was a woman from Sukadana Kingdom, Ketapang ,that searched for her husband who called Baba Cinga ( JU Lontaan , 1975:70 ).But there are also opinions that believed that the name ” Sanggau ” was taken from the name of Dayak Sanggau , a clan of the Dayak who became the origin clan of Baba Cinga.
The Descendants of Sanggau Kingdom now believe that the kingdom of their ancestors was first established on 7 April 1310,when Dara Nante crowned as the first king of the Kingdom Sanggau . Because of that,on the 26th July 2009 ,the representatives of the three ethnic contained in Sanggau namely Malay,Dayak and Chinese , agreed that every April 7th is celebrated as the anniversary of Sanggau City, although this is only the declaration and not as a government decree . While the efforts to obtain the inauguration of the government is still championed until now.

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