Kadariah Kingdom of Pontianak

        Kadariah kingdom of Pontianak was a malay kingdom that built on Wednesday,October 23th 1771 at the mouth of Kapuas River by the king Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie,the son of the scholar of Arab Hadarmaut descent from Mempawah kingdom.The establishing of this kingdom was signed by clearing the forest in the river intersection of Landak,Kapuas Kecil,and Kapuas Besar to build a hall and houses.He did two political marriages in Borneo,first with a princess from Mempawah kingdom and the second with a princess of Banjar kingdom,Ratu Syarif Abdul Rahman,the doughter of the king Tamjidillah I.
        In 1778,Syarif Abdurrahman was declared as the king of Pontianak .He got a ratification as Pontianak king from Dutch in 1779.The central of reign was signed by the establishing of Jami mosque of Pontianak.Now,Kadariah kingdom is located in Bugis village,the subdistrict of East Pontianak,in Pontianak.


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