The Origin of Nanga Pinoh (Melawi)


        Melawi District with the Capital is Nanga Pinoh is one of the districts in West Borneo. Based on the story of Elders at Sayan region and surrounding areas , the anciently was the named of the Pinoh River was “Sungai Penuh” (fulled with timber ), in the story that the ancient frequent wars between the Kingdom of Hulu (region Sokan, Kota Baru) and now became the District of Tanah Pinoh and Nanga Sayan, with Kingdom of Hilir ( Nanga Pinoh and Sintang ).

        The King of Hulu region commanded all soldiers and its people to cut down all the trees near the river with the goal of river became fulled of wood, so the troops of Hilir region can not attacked to Hulu region. After that the soldiers and the people around the river called the river with the name “Sungai Penuh”. And for now because development of the times, the named of “Sungai Penuh” became “Nanga Pinoh”.


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Written by : Win Endriati


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