The Origin Establishment the Kingdom of Sintang


        The origin establishment the Kingdom of Sintang from the arrivals of a spreader Hindu religion from Semenanjung Malaka ( some say originated from Java ) named Aji Melayu. He came to Nanga Sepauk area ( approximately 50 km from Sintang city) in the 4th century and established a new settlement at that place. Evidences Aji Melayu arrivals can be seen from archaeological finds in the image Putung Kempat or the local people called “Kelebut Batu Aji Melayu “. Putung Kempat was a wife from Aji Malayu. In this area also found a stone like bull and grave of Aji Melayu.
        The establishment of the Kingdom of Sintang done by Demong Irawan, was a ninth descent from Aji Malay, in the 13th century. Demong Irawan established the palace in that area, between the confluence of the River Melawi and Kapuas River. Originally this area was given the name “Senetang” and then the named changes became “Sintang”. As the symbol establishment of a Kingdom, Demong Irawan that wears the title of Irawan Jubair planted a stone that resembles a gourd fruit. Now the stone was in the courtyard Palace of Sintang by the local people was believed that the stone had miraculous power.


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Written by : Win  Endriati


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