The Kingdom of Mempawah

        Mempawah kingdom was from a Dayak kingdom that located near Sidiniang mountain, Sangking , Mempawah Hulu which stands roughly in 1340.The Kingdom that was led by Patih Gumantar was touted as a fraction of Matan kingdom (Tanjungpura).It was very popular in his reign.The kingdom should end in 1400 when the king Gumantar was died because of the Biaju(Miaju) tribal attack.
        Around 1610 this kingdom rose again under the leadership of the King Kodong. Dayak kingdom ‘s administrative center was located in Pekana,Karangan. After King Kodong died,in 1680 he was replaced by the King Senggauk / Sengkuwuk.Putri kesumba, granddoughter of King Senggauk from the descent of Muhammad Zainudin later married Opu Daeng Menambon that called Mas Surya Negara from Luwuk kingdom that lived in Tanjungpura kingdom.Then,he appointed as a king.He moved the center of the kingdom to Rama hill area.In 1766,after the death of Opu Daeng Menambon,the crown prince Adiwijaya Kesuma Jaya became a king.Adiwijaya famous of anti- colonialism and had resistance to dutch in Galaherang,the hill of Rama and Sangking.
        In 1840 the leadership was submitted to the Crown Prince Gusti Jati.When the leadership of Gusti Jati,the attack of the king Kasim from Pontianak kingdom happened and coused Gusti Jati went back to the old kingdom,although the king Kasim were driven backwards to Pontianak.In 1831 the Dutch seized the opportunity to convert Gusti Amin set the leadership.The next kings also became a Dutch doll.After King Gusti Muhammad Thaufiq Accamuddin was arrested by Japanese in 1944,Japanese raised the king Gusti Mustaan as a vice of kingdom because the crown prince was too young .The oldest crown prince,Drs Jimmy Abraham did not continued the leadership because of the elimination of the autonomous government in Indonesia.



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