The Kingdom of Landak


        The history of the establishment Kingdom of Landak began with someone named Raden Kusuma Indra Sumantri Ningrat that suffered from an illness that not cured, he was exiled to Borneo by his family. In exile in Borneo, he did cruise a round-trip to seven times so that he is well known as the “Pulang Pali” .
        After he stayed at the edge of Mandor river, Raden Kusuma Sumantri Indra Patrician established a Kingdom named Angrat Batur and raised himself as a king with the title of “Raja Pulang Pali” . Regarding naming Kingdom that established by Pulang Pali , Angrat Batur or Nigrat Batur. Regarding the named of Ningrat Batur, originally derived from the word of “nigrat stone” that was the name of a region in which Pulang Pali stayed at the edge of Mandor river that contained many stones and Pulang Pali was a generation of gentility, so that the area which stayed by Pulang Pali was called Batu Ningrat and if behind the named became Ningrat Batur. Then the Kingdom of Angrat Batur or Batu Ningrat was renamed the Kingdom of Landak after the Kingdom was transferred to the edge of the Landak river. The name was predicted from named of Landak river was located near with Kingdom of Landak.


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Written by : Win Endriati


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