History of Kubu Raya


        Kingdom of Kubu used as the name of Kubu Raya regency was a kingdom in the region of West Borneo. Kingdom of Kubu was a royal Islamic government territory now included in the administrative area of Kubu Raya regency, West Borneo Province, Indonesia. The data were found to mention, the origin of the establishment of the Kingdom of Kubu was due to the initiative of the Arabs who came from Hadramaut (South Yemen), roughly in 1720 Christian, or more precisely on the 17th of Ramadan 1144 in the Islamic calendar (Hijri). Thus, the origin of the Sultanate of Kubu exactly with the history of the Sultanate of Pontianak and equally into the Arab Islamic government based in the Malay world, especially those found in the province of West Borneo.
        Kingdom of Kubu history began with the arrival of a group of people who came from a place called Ar – Ridha located in the city of Trim, Hadramaut , or now it is named South Yemen . The group came to West Kalimantan approximately in 1720 Christian that amounts to approximately 45 people. People – Muslims that came from Hadramaut was intended to broadcast to the Islamic religion across countries.


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Written by : Win Endriati


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