History of Bengkayang

        For the people of West Borneo,Bengkayang is a word often heard and pronounced, because Bengkayang has existed since the era of Sambas kingdom and the government of Dutch East Indies.In addition,Bengkayang is one of regencies in West Borneo province,which was formed in 1999.
        Originally Bengkayang was a village,part of the kingdom of Sambas.The first person who pioneered and paved the way to Bengkayang was Jerendeng Abdurahman,Manadonese .Bengkayang village was a haven of merchants and gold miners from Singkawang and Monterado. The miners and merchants mostly come from China,after they went to Monterado,they continued their wandering to Bengkayang.The gold miners of Monterado often took a rest in Singkawang to released their fatigue.Bengkayang was also as a place to farm some plants,such as rice,rubber trees and some vegetables because the Chinese that came to West Borneo beside they were good at working in gold mine,they also good at agriculture.

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