The Origin of Ketapang

Image        Once upon a time there was a ketapang tree that very large that thrive in ketapang city. Because the tree was so large and leafy, it was covering ketapang city from sunlight. It made the local population very difficult to dry their paddy. At last, the local population must dry their paddy far away from their house. Formerly ketapang city was an area that was very strange, because almost all regions was covered by ketapang tree that was very large, so until almost the whole area there was no sunlight. The people are trying to cut down the ketapang giant tree. Next, after the tree was cut down, eventually former of ketapang giant tree is forming the river. It’s named “Pawan River”. Then the people can see the sunlight directly.
        Ketapang city is also very famous with ale-ale. It’s a shell. According the story of ketapang people, ale-ale are the fruits of ketapang tree that fell into the Pawan River. Now, ale-ale is used as a symbol of ketapang city.


Other photos

Written by : Win Endriati





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