History of Singkawang

        The original of Singkawang city name appears in some version of language,the Malay version says that the name was taken from the name of the plant ‘Tengkawang’ that contained in tropical forest area.Acording to the Chinese version,Singkawang was derived from ‘San Kew Jong’ which literally means Sea Mouth Mountain,it was a place that located at the foot of a mountain overlooking the sea.
        Of some historical records,Singkawang was known by Erupeans since 1834 that listed in a book was writen by George Winsor Earl,‘The Eastern Seas’,that called this city with the word ‘Sinkawan’.At that time,Singkawang was known as the colony of Chinese when the gold mining joint ventures were in power with Monterado as the center power of miners.Other records were also got from one of the books of G.F De Bruijn that contained in De Van Volken Netherlands Indies (1920) entitled ‘De Maleiers’,that the translation reads : “a few dozen miles soth of the kingdom of Sambas was built a city that known as Dutch government city”.


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