History of Sambas

Sambas kingdom was a big kingdom in West Borneo.The power of Sambas kings was begun from the arrival of Majapahit soldiers in Paloh.Then,the kingdom was moved to Kota Lama in Teluk Keramat and finally it was moved to Sambas,near a river of Sambas Besar.Sambas kingdom was very popular when it was led by the first king,Sultan Muhammad Syafiuddin I (1631-1668 ).The greatness of Sambas kingdom had made Sambas became popular until the 15th king,Sultan Muhammad Mulia Ibrahim Syaifuddin ( 1931-1943 ).Sambas kingdom vanished when the king died because killed by Japanese soldiers in 1943.
Sambas sheltered under NKRI because of the second world war in 1950,and established Sambas district administrative area.Sambas people demanded that the city became the capital of Sambas district because they want to realize the greatness of Sambas.Finally,Sambas became the capital of Sambas district on July 15th 1999.

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